Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza!

This is where we went for my Birthday. It was my choice. Why? Because it's a dive, and I'm prone to favor dirty little hole-in- the-wall places? Good guess, but no. Because I thought it was an Antique shop? Another good guess, but no. Because it's been featured on Food Network? Yeessss, my pretties. I'm easily swayed.
Notice the HACKSAW hanging directly above my head. The dusty bear head glaring...Come to think of it, the whole place needed a good lemon Pledge wipe down.
But, the burgers! Oh, them burgers was gooood!!
Grilled onions, fried, with a little shiny grease on the buns...that's why I went. How else do you expect me to maintain this girlish figure?