Friday, September 24, 2010

And Then You Die...

This first picture is about love...And if for any reason this is their last day on planet earth you will always have this photo, this sweet, huggy photo as your final memory. And you will always question, what exactly WAS  Mr. Wonderful trying to do?

While the picture below is about hate.

Pure unadulterated HATE. What unholy thing did this to me?? What could have possibly caused me to lose my mind and put my au natural middle aged face on national TV  this blog, for everyone to see??

Spawn of Satan and Rosemary's baby all rolled into one enormous piece of hideous machinery!
You gettin' my drift? Yo, dat thing be evil.

 I melted into a jillion tiny pieces of light, and saw my last brownie flash before my eyes.

And then I went and took a shower.

What do you mean, Is that really me?!