Friday, May 21, 2010

Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

  Dark and  mysterious...what does it all mean? And why is there a neon light involved? Am I having an 80's flashback? These are the questions you're asking yourself.
No I'm not.
Yes you are.

Aha! A clue! Yes, friends this is a skating rink. A rink so old, so dank and dark  I thought it resembled the bowels of hell. Plus, the floor was bumpy. Floors in skating rinks should not be 'bumpy'.  It makes it difficult to twirl. I'm all about the twirling.

See this man? This man is so much more than "just a man." He's a roller skater extraordinaire! He's poetry on skates, a ballet dancer on wheels. He's cool, he's smooth, he's FLASHDANCE and FOOTLOOSE all rolled into one. He is Skatecity.

C'mon, he says...It's easy. Nothing to it. It's FUN!
Lies. All lies, and he looked me right in the eye when he said it.


An innocent lamb led to the slaughter. Look at that face! So full of hopes and dreams...
What an idiot.

Two SECONDS later. That's how long I skated. It's hard for me to remember if it was fun or not. I didn't enjoy the "my life is flashing before my eyes part", but other than that I'm pretty sure I had a blast.

This is the last picture. I took it from the ground, whilst laying down.
 She remained upright at all times, all smiles and laughter.
Mr. Skatecity couldn't even look at me, so deep was his disgust.
Or maybe it's that I requested the song "Dancing Queen" right in the middle of his leg lift, double axel, roller derby splits move.  It doesn't matter. Because let's face it, this activity has been ruled out as a shared life passion. Maybe we'll take up weeding together.