Friday, July 9, 2010

Is This The Little Girl I Carried?

Today is Emily's birthday!
My little baby princess who's biggest dream in life was to have a 'pink birf-day party' and raise kittens.
It hardly seems possible she's now 19 years old, a beautiful young woman about to enter/endure her second year of college.

She's my quiet, melancholy, FUNNY as heck, child. Her nickname at work is "Mouse", yet she's got a fierce temper that can shatter glass. She's spiritual, silly, and super athletic. She loves music and can barely sing a note one degree beyond tone-deaf.  She's experiencing 'first love' and dreams for the future. I'm biting my nails and praying.
We're celebrating by going to tea...of course.  I secretly bought her the 15lb. kettle ball she's been wanting that nearly broke my back carrying it to the car. What the?? I guess I'll put it in a gorgeous gift bag and lug it in with me.
Emily Rose.
My delight, my heart, my darling girl.
Happy Birf-Day!