Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Name Is Slim...

I'm seriously considering changing the name of this blog. To  'superskinny'. Or maybe 'wispofawoman'.  I've also considered 'superfit',  'ieatcrunchylettuce', and 'scrawnychicken.'

Why? you ask? in your shrill voiced,  frightened way... *SIGH*   Leettle grasshoppah, come hee-uhre. I shall enlighten you. It is after all one of my favorite jobs, enlightening the world with my brilliant flashes of insight.

 I've come to the realization that by referring to myself as 'reasonablychubby' I'm doomed  to suffer with  perpetual plumpness. Yes, it's a cute name. Adorable if you ask me. ReasonablyChubby...  it rolls off the lips, and makes me want to eat a whole stick of butter.  BUT....  I'm reinforcing an image of rotund roundness in moo-wah's mind.   (I realize 'suffer' is a relative term. If one considers eating cheesecake 'suffering' then so be it. And sometimes I suffer and take midday naps. When I could potentially be outside sweating in 100 degree weather burning additional calories.)

So, you see? If I refer to myself as the self-disciplined, tiny boned woman that I really am, ( *see above picture*  )  I IMMEDIATELY get a craving for broccoli and sparkling water straight  from the tap.  Or, 'agua' as I like to call it.

Yes, that's another benefit.  Thinking of myself as the tall, world traveling, you can't see me when I step behind that stop sign, my gawd her cheeks are sunken that woman must never eat supermodel that I am, I immediately gain the ability to speak fluent Spanish. Taco, burrito, quesadilla, fajita, salsa, cheeps with lots of salt, queso, rice and beans...

Adios amigos!