Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Magical Words

I have only two words for you today: 700 Calories
(In one measly little hour. I almost puked my guts up.)

Yes, I'm in bed now...

By the way, have you guys ever heard of 'Spark People'? Well, it's this totally free website that is AWESOME!!! You can track every single morsel of food that slides down your throat, and it will instantly let you know if you've sinned. It also lets you track how many calories you've burned. There are message boards, success stories, and all kind of tips to keep you motivated.

Face it, soon you'll be looking for me, wondering 'where in the world did she go?', and that's when I'll step out from behind the stop sign, the mailbox, or the tall lamp in my living room.

 If I believe I'm going to end up as tiny as a toothpick, then FOR SURE I'll at least make it to 'she's as small as a  volkswagen bug'... I prefer blue, if you have to picture it. Go ahead and make it a convertible.

Excuse me while I nibble on my lentil burger, all the while telling myself how it tastes just like beef...

Tomorrow we'll discuss how to get big muscles. Yes, I'm also in a class 3 nights a week called, "Body Pump". 
I have noticed I seem to speaking in a strong Austrian accent these days...