Friday, March 19, 2010

No, I'm Not Kidding, I Live Here

Can you believe I live here? I live in a storybook.
Disneyland Schmisneyland...Fairhope Alabama, the land of magic and flowers and princesses. Who knew?
The local park where I go and picnic, and frolic, and It's free! I fed the ducks there once. But they ganged up on me and tried to peck my eyes out so I don't do that anymore. (Not really. But one did waddle over and quack quite vigorously.)

Emily and I headed to the annual Arts and Crafts show today. We got distracted mid-way through our stroll by the smell of something delicious...

We agreed that this was the cutest booth of all...we loved it! Price tag for this little beauty? $850.00 big ones! What the??

Ahhh!... good ol' fair food! Corn dogs, funnel cakes, and pork rinds...

Imagine-200,000 people stampeding the corn dog stand. You don't mess with hungry southern people who smell fried food of any kind. Mama's gonna git her funnel cake.

Happy tummy's = Happy princesses.