Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here's a quarter, call someone who cares

It's late. I'm up blogging and munching on a sleeve of salt-free saltines (what's wrong with this picture?)while Mr. Wonderful sleeps, dreaming with childlike anticipation about his upcoming day tomorrow.I know this by the look on his face. I don't believe normal people smile while they sleep. I for one sleep with my  mouth slightly open and the occasional snort which startles me to wakefulness. Mr. Wonderful says it's like sleeping with a freight train but he's been known to exaggerate.

He's an MRB engineer.  He goes like clockwork each and everyday to his job and does the absolute best that he can. He likes his job and the people he works with. He's careful and steady, totally dependable. Uber responsible. Did I just say 'UBER?' Oh, yes I did.
 I admire this steadfast quality because so far at this stage in the game of my life I DO NOT POSSESS IT. I get bored way too easily. I love cooking, writing, decorating, and chatting. I like funny accents, and silly stories, candy and clowns. Oh,  and going to garage sales. "Give me garage sales or give me death!"
  I've been a teller, a pharmacy tech, a daycare worker, a rental furniture salesperson,  tupperware manager, real estate agent, waitress, and tearoom owner. Not to mention I've worked at a christian gift shop,  retail clothing store, antique booth, and been hired as an interior decorator.   I am so glad that opposites attract. One of us has to keep a steady job!

He cares. And believes.
I don't care as much, and I'm not sure I completely believe.
You know, about salt intake, and other dire, earth-changing dramas you read about. Like saving the landfills from dirty diapers. Look what they told us about eggs.Come to find out eating a gazillion eggs isn't going to hurt you.
I knew it.
Don't even talk to me about butter...
I do believe in soap and washing your hands alot. I say donuts are good for you, in that good for the soul way.
He doesn't.

It's the important things that matter.
We both believe in love and God and trying our best to make it work.

Maybe I'll go into our room and kiss him softly on  the cheek and whisper 'thankyou' for being such a good husband...Or, I could trick him and yell "didn't you hear the alarm clock?! You better get up!"

Oh, the bliss of it all...
Don't worry I'm not that mean. But it would be kind of hilarious...