Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Prodigal Returns

The long lost daughter finally comes home. Like the prodigal son, she's come to her senses and decided to see if perhaps I will take her in and maybe allow her to be treated as one of my servants...and yes, I will. I've got a large pile of ironing just waiting for a servant to show up.

OR... It was nothing like that. She went to Europe for 3 months for college, but oh, how she missed me! She's my baby. I know these things. I can tell by the look on her face exactly what she's thinking. Like a mother knows and understands her newborn's cry, I know and understand her every expression.

*Lost, ...somewhere in the European countryside...

Oh, Mother, they're making me wear a tight squeezy hard hat. And I miss you so. When can I come home?

Here it's obvious she's missing me. Mother, I'm tap dancing for you like it?

Yes I do my love.

Halt. What's this?? A gorgeous desolate road in the hauntingly beautiful Irish countryside that I've never seen but my daughter has? Something seems wrong, terribly, terribly wrong. Would it annoy you if I threw in one more terribly? 'Cause I think it might make me feel better. Terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. Yes, that's what was missing.

and here...look at my baby. Her eyes... the longing for home.

Oh, this one pains me. She's crying out, "Mama". It's so hard when you can't get to your child and they need you.

I know darlin'. It's exciting! You're home now. Come let Mommy hold you.