Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look At It!

Look at this beautiful, gorgeous, Gulf of Mexico sea water.

The white sandy beaches...
It looks like I'm holding up a disabled man.
 I am.
His brain doesn't work when exposed to large amounts of sunlight.

Well, I just wanted you to see it before the you-know-what-comes.
Maybe it won't. I hope it doesn't. But until then, I'm going as often as possible.

 By next 'Pondering Tuesday' I'll look a 100 years old. And speak with an accent of unknown origin. You won't be able to see me at all when it's dark outside.   'A fine piece of oiled leather'...
 I may regret my 7X magnifying mirror at that point.

P.S. People. I wear sunscreen. I cannot help eet eef ther ees Brazeelian een my blud...
P.S.S. Okay,I made up the 'Brazilian' part. But I do tan easy. Chubby people look better tan, so its a good thing. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
P.S.S.S. Talk to ya Tuesday