Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Chained To My Computer Like A Common Criminal...

Folks, I'm taking a 3 HOUR online real estate course... it's information I already know.
I cannot even begin to tell you HOW BORING it is...

But I'm going to try. Because I need you to feel my pain.

1. It's as boring as eating non-salted saltines...which I've actually experienced since marrying Mr. Wonderful. It's an oxymoron for which there is no answer.

2. It's as boring as cleaning the toilets. With my bare hands. Wait, that wouldn't really count as boring, more like disgusting. And I have done it! Many times! Because I'm a slow learner and keep forgetting to buy gloves!

3. It's as boring as painting a room soft beige, after it's been light beige for years. I've actually never done this because it's against my religion. If I'm going to paint a room I want to see a change baby! Yes, I just called you baby, baby. That's prison talk with an attitude.

Well goodbye for now...if I beg you to break me out of here, don't. If I beg you for candy, do...