Friday, June 4, 2010

Shocking! I know...

Well folks, I didn't win the Paula Deen cream cheese recipe contest. SHOCKING!!... I  know. Even with that last big bite in honor of the grand dame herself it wasn't enough. Oh well, I don't regret it. Not the 'big bite', or the weeks of cream cheese indulgence because it was superduperdupity FUN! I've come to the conclusion that I will need to video all cooking endeavors henceforth. It's the only way I feel like cooking...Can you imagine how thrilled Mr. Wonderful is about this new revelation of mine? He's my professional cameraman. Now, he's got  purpose and an opportunity to actually have a hot supper. All after a hard day's work.

By the way, here's another SHOCKING!! fact. I didn't win the lotto powerball of  $210 million...
AND, I'm not a professional photographer. I know. THAT news probably just caused you to spew your coffee out of your mouth and ruin the white blouse you had so carefully ironed.

P.S. I love you my faithful readers...shocking! I know...because normally I hate people...not really...only if you get on my nerves and are stupid and dumb...but you aren't like that...wanna share my block of cream cheese?