Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...oh, yeah, it's Tuesday already

Why am I watching Elmo? Duh. 'cuz he's adorable. Anyway, I'm learning about tadpoles turning into frogs. Good Morning Friends!

A peek into the tremendously busy morning of this middle-aged wisp of a girl... Frightening isn't it?

Aha! And herein lies the problem: I am not human until the magic elixer has been brewed and inhaled. Then I become sheer genius, wonder woman minus the cape and tights, although I am considering adding those elements to complete the look...

Why are you giving me a look like you don't believe me? About turning into Wonder Woman and taking on complex algebra problems and other world events of huge significance?
You probably don't even believe me about the cape and tights!
*gasp!* I want my Elmo...