Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Things Never Get Old

Here's a list of my favorite top 10:

A decent picture of myself. Nope. I'll never get tired of it. If anything, I'm tempted to make coffee mugs, calendars, posters, wallpaper...:)

Charming old houses. I adore them! And someday after I've decorated to my hearts delight my mansion in heaven, I'll invite you over for tea.

Visiting places for the first time. This is New Orleans. It was fun! Now I really want to go to Greece...

Happy memories, filled with smiling faces! Although, I think my oldest daughter may have permanently cracked her face.

Sunsets...over the bay, in a field, from the front porch, at the beach, or through my dirty windows which haven't been windexed since the house was built in 1962. Sunsets never get old. Sunrise? Now that's a different story.

Huge oak trees. *Sigh...Beautiful, Majestic, and Perfect for tree houses and tire swings.

Love notes from Mr. Wonderful...simple words for a simple minded girl... wait. huh?

Azaleas...glorious in every color! The reason I live in the South. Oh, yeah, and Mr. Wonderful's job. And I like sayin' ya'll and talkin' real, realllllllll ssslllooowwww.

Water. Agua. Wa-Wa. How did I survive all these years without gazing daily upon a beautiful body of water? Granted I was taking alot of baths in those days...but still. It's not the same.

Oh, yes. Husband mowing yard... I'm definitely never gonna get tired of this!