Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Not Crafty, So Shoot Me

I will never, ever, EVER get over the fact that I'm 'not crafty.'

It hurts bad, a throbbing not-tonight-dear headache sort of bad.

And I can't sing beautifully either. At least not well enough to audition for American Idol. *sigh*

I love music and art, but no. I'm unable to participate in these activities on any level other than below basic kindergarten. (Piano lessons for 6 years...I can't play a note or read music.) I'm only good at the kazoo, and even then I'm only ok, but drawing, painting, collage-making, sewing, CRAFTING? Fuh-get-about-it.

Why God why?

Probably because He gave me the 'fake English accent' ability. It's true, I do enjoy talking to myself randomly throughout the day as the daffy English lady, but still.

What if it gets cold outside and I outgrow all my sweaters and need to make one?

Or what if I'm the only one without laryngitis, and need to sing the National Anthem at the next Little League baseball game?

The quandaries of life. Some questions will never be answered. Thanks goodness for 'Pondering Tuesdays'. At least all the big, important questions get answered. The rest is just silly drivel and back-talk.

Let The Pondering Begin!

Hello friends! I've just come in from a very difficult workout...well, I went it's not your imagination. I'm in full glistening mode. And I wanted to be pretty! Sob!

Look at me... pondering my little brain out. It's the best I could do today, considering it took no less than 3 cameras, 8 hours, and quite a few four letter words, (not including the word love) to achieve this little piece of TV...doo-doo?

Hold me...

Dahlings, Put On Your Pondering Hats...

Good morning dears. You'll never believe what today is...why, it's Ponder Tuesday! Check back this afternoon for a wonderful pondering presentation that will blow your socks off!

P.S. that may have been a bit of an exaggeration... the it will blow your socks off...