Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend in Reverse...


When are you two leaving?

O Happy Day!


The sweetest thing! On Easter morning, my brother-in-law had the honor of baptizing his youngest son.

'buried with Him in death...'

'and raised with Him to life eternal!'

An Easter we'll always remember!

SATURDAY...At Granny and Grandaddy's

Let the Great Egg Hunt Begin!
I wonder who's gonna find the PRIZE egg filled with rabbit pellets? Mr. Wonderful's idea.

The 'potting, planting room' at Granny's farm. Isn't it great?

I am now re-inspired to support Mr. Wonderful's plan of having an organic garden.

I, RC, do publicly promise to put all my coffee grounds in the yucky bucket under the sink to be added to the compost pile. Girl Scouts honor.

I'm not sure where this look is coming from.

Frustration? What?! There's no candy in these plastic eggs? Probably not. That's usually my line.

Concern? What? My darling wife will find no candy in these plastic eggs?

Yep. That's it. I'm sure of it.

He actually looks pretty ticked off about it. I would be too if I were him.

I love my sweet Easter Bunny!

Look at my face in this picture. Talking through gritted teeth runs in my family.

"I heard what you were saying about me being bossy", *smile*

While my fingers apply soft pressure.

Over the river and through the woods to Granny's house we go... What a perfect day!


C'mon Lady. Let's go to the basement...

C'mon girl.

Fat girl's not moving.

Mr. Wonderful pushing her ever so gently... This is how he'll help me around the house some day when I'm old and tired and way beyond reasonably chubby.

Look at it. So pretty, so well planned, the beauty before the chaos...

*Hint to Mothers: Set your table a week in advance. That way you can gaze upon it daily and create fantasies in your mind of how family life should be. Before the harsh reality sets in of your kitchen looking like a bomb just went off.

Good Friday service in the same backyard garden that Mr. Wonderful and I were married in. I considered jumping in and renewing our vows. A pastor, a small crowd, an opportunity to work out some of the glitches from the first time...

Too soon? Since when is 10 months after your wedding too soon?

Party Poopers.

A gift for two from the 'Easter Bunny'. My wonderful sister always does stuff like this. You really ought to try and stay with them sometime. It's like a bed and breakfast. Oh, just give her a call. They LOVE company!

Upon closer inspection I realized that it had happened. Mr. Wonderful had changed all our lives. A tear slid down my food instead of candy...beautiful, yet sad at the same time.

My sister informed me, "uh no fool, that's just in your basket. We've each got a 1lb. chocolate bunny in ours."

Whew...I thought I was going nuts there for a minute...

Until we meet again...