Monday, April 12, 2010

Ima geta ridder of er, Part Two...

Previously, I discussed my LOVE of cleaning out, throwing away, selling anything not tied down or gold plated. And I heard the *gasps* of horror that went 'round the world. I have extremely sensitive ears...huh? what'd you say?...

Breathe...Don't worry. I haven't gotten rid of anything important... Besides, my children are used to it. They carry everything they want to keep in little suitcases clutched closely to their bodies at all times.

Need proof? Of how sentimental I am?

I still have HER. My handmade Besty Ross doll given to me at my fourth grade birthday party by my best friend, Holly Bashford. Handmade by her mother. Only thing is, she was my best friend, but I wasn't still hurts...

My daughters scream in fear everytime they see this doll. "Good Lord Mother, you've kept the voodoo doll, but threw away the clothes we came home from the hospital in?" OR

"Good Lord, Mother, you've kept the voo-doo doll but got rid of the dog and the cat?" OR

"Mother, where is my bed?" *can you say craig's list?

They hate my little Betsy Ross doll. They think she's scary looking.

Oh, ggggiiiiirrrlllllsssss...I'm waiting for you.

Ima geta ridder of er....

I'm a "getaridderofer".

It's the exact opposite of a hoarder.

I enjoy getting rid of things. I don't know why I am this way, but I do know I blame my mother. ( if you can't blame your mother for this, what's the point?)

If it hasn't been used, touched or looked at in the past 30 seconds, I put it away. Into the garbage can. Or I give it to Goodwill. Or I set it on the curb. I was born this way. Lots of people call it OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but I don't. I just blame my mother.

Anyway you can imagine the thrill I got today because I had to take some stuff to the landfill. 'Le dump.' Oh zee sights and zee SMELLS ...
But what I mostly want to tell you about is the woman who works there.
'Cause she's made of true grit and can talk on the phone and eat a grilled cheese sandwich even with that smell. I know because she never got off the phone the whole time I was paying and I watched her eat...and chew...and talk.
She's gives very good advice by the way. "So what if you did say that?! That don't give him the right to blab it to everybody else."

I wholeheartedly agree.