Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happiness Is...

Remember the other day when I threw a hissy- fit and Demanded a new camera? After sobbing and  writhing around on the floor for awhile, I wiped my tearstained face and looked up at our coffee table. Not only did I give a little smile of admiration for the table itself ($2 bucks from a garage sale, looks like Pottery Barn...) BUT I also saw you-know-who. My little *droid* friend.  He winked at me, and said, "Come here my love. I am not only a phone, a computer, a masterpiece of human intelligence, I AM A CAMERA!"

And so I give you my newest "piece de la resistance"
AKA: Pure Joy!
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See this? This is my new 'Fall' purse which I just purchased at TJMaxx.

And this my friends, is my AS SEEN ON TV purse organizer. Purchased for a mere $4.99, it has not only changed my life, its saved me countless hours of worthless digging into the bottomless pit of darkness, known before this moment as, well, the bottom of every purse I've ever owned.   Not only has this brought a song of joy to my heart, cashiers around the world have lifted their voices in unison to sing Hallelujah!
 No longer do they have to wait while I dig for that dime, I just know I have one... feel around, feel around...exhausted, I come up for air and  blow a small piece of lint off my index finger...feel around, feel around... Here it is! Wait, no that's a penny... 

As a parting gift and because I thought you might be as nosy as I am, here's a closeup...if this isn't itimacy, I don't know what is...