Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take My Picture Already, Would Ya?

Brooke and I went to tea today. The tearoom was lovely, and I wanted to memorialize this moment for all time. I pulled out my trusty, cheap piece of Kodak Easy Share and held it up...

Say Tea!...No good. Let's do it again.

Say, Tea!...Uh, Brooke apparently you have a lazy eye. Funny, I've never noticed it before... Again.

Say Tea! Did you know that you're crosseyed? Or high. Or drunk. Honey, it's only 10am.
Again...*I know, I'll catch her by suprise, then she'll for sure have that wide-eyed bambi look...Mama's are so smart.

SAY TEA!... Good Lord...

Let ME show you how to do it...See? It's easy. Now, OPEN YOUR EYES AND SAY TEA!

Awww. Such a pretty girl...
*through gritted teeth* I hate you mom.
I know honey, I know.

Just Kidding! We love each other so much and had so much fun! Tea was DELIGHTFUL!

Brooke, age 2
Awww...such a pretty girl!