Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The New Love Of My Life

I don't know how I forgot to include this in my anniversary pictures...this piece of manna- from- heaven, melt- in- your- mouth, I-can die-now, hallelujah-and-amen piece of  Wonderfulness. It's called Banana Foster's Cheesecake.

 And it was almost the highlight of our trip to New Orleans. I kid you not.  We still  haven't fully emerged from the sugar buzz it created. Mr. Wonderful and I have been staring at each other with glazed eyes and loopy grins for two days now.

 Yeah, yeah, I know. You're thinking, "well that's somehow not surprising coming from a fatty-potatty like yourself."
I hear your jealousy. I understand.
But seriously. I miss it already.

Hey, by the way, did you see I now have 54 FOLLOWERS!!! whoo-hoo! I'm on my way to nekkidness in Rome...I'm going to go scream  into my pillow.