Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pondering Tuesday...Very Important Message!

I Felt The Need To Frighten You Today

Sometimes it just happens.
 I wake up, jump out of bed and search frantically through my high school yearbook trying to find proof that I was once  young and beautiful.  I found this instead.

Somebody stop the madness.

 Hard to believe I've been able to get married not once, but TWICE. How many of you can say that? Huh, Huh, Huh?? (Trust me, I can turn anything into a badge of honor.)

And then I somehow miraculously produced three  little girly girls, while my Mother raised her fist to heaven shouting, "It's not fair!".
 *sigh* Oh, but it is. After all, I did have to sleep with pink rollers in my hair EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT of my growing up years. (bitterness seems to be lingering...I'll lay on the couch later and you can give me therapy)

Anyway, don't ask me where these 3 little princesses came from. I don't know how it happened. Just promise me you won't ever let me cut my hair THAT SHORT again.

Can you imagine how thrilled my girls are everytime they're out with me, and someone exclaims, 'You look just like your Mother!'