Monday, May 17, 2010

I Was A Fifth Grade Prom Queen

And Other Lies I Tell Myself.

Fifth grade was my best year ever. Which is kind of bad when you're 44 years old. That means I had my best year 34 years ago... At least I had one.

 I feel the need to share it with you. Because that's what we do. We share.  So here goes:

  1. Jaunita...'nuff said.
  2. Mr. Terbush. He was my teacher and I was madly in love with him. He was handsome and played the guitar and most important I was his favorite student in the whole world....Trust me, I  know these things.
  3. I almost won the "princess" of our class contest. There was a tie between me and Angelina, and I graciously allowed her to have it. I humbly said, 'You darling, you be Princess.' Actually I couldn't face knowing I lost if I would've now I'll never know, and I'm at peace. It was a good call.
  4. I received a couple of love poems from Richard, a short round boy who wore glasses. He was very sweet, and I was flattered.
  5. Tim, the red-head  liked me. He was taller, so I liked him back.
  6. I got to be crossing-guard at recess. A dream come true. It included a bright orange vest, an orange stick, and power. I took it very seriously.  I wish I still had the stick.
  7. Mr. Terbush. I'm sorry, but he deserves to be on here twice. He was after all the first love of my life. I hated the weekends...I LOVE YOU MR. TERBUSH! WILL YOU MARRY ME?
  8. Bobby, who I played 'foursquare' with everyday. And then I told him I liked him. And he looked horrified and said something like "ew, gross!" Oh, well.  Tim the redhead knew a good thing when he saw one.
  9. I made a conservation poster and won an 'honorable mention' ribbon. I was thrilled.  Little did  I know I should have polyurethaned it and super-glued it to my body, permanently. This was before I clued in to the fact I wasn't crafty. Or artsy. Or musical.
  10. I had to get glasses. And I tried my hardest to fail the hearing test, but my hearing proved fine. Bummer! What could possibly be more awesome? Glasses AND a hearing aid...
Yep, Fifth grade. I could still spit water through the gap in my front teeth. I told ya I was a prom queen!


Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Sounds like 5th grade was a year to remember! Although, I don't doubt that you've had many other great years since then. :)

reasonably chubby said...

Yes, fifth grade is the gold standard of excellence.Oh, there were children born and other meaningful things over the course of my life, but never was the universe so aligned again. First love, second love, third love, (ok,I guess I was a little boy crazy)and an award for ART. A year to live in infamy! :)

Beach House Living said...

So you were runner up? Sounds like a better 5th grade than most.

Alex @LateEnough said...

OMG! I love this! My year was the end of May of eighth grade when I got rid of my perm, glasses, and acne thru May of ninth grade. then it all went downhill. But at least the perm didn't come back

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

I am so with you on the orange vest, orange stick, and power. I put on that outfit the other day fully ready to take over the universe. But my kids just laughed at me. Why?