Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mothers, Ducks and Other Very Scary Objects

You all know by now that I live in Paradise. Not only have I told you, I've shown you picture after picture. I've bragged incessantly and consistently for months...And here I go again.
Look below...did I just hear a faint gasp of delight escape from your lips?

I thought so.

The picture above is a pond at the local park, a few blocks from my house. (That's the bragging part, because really, does it matter that it's a few blocks from me? Why yes,  yes it does. Thankyou for asking)

But what this is REALLY about is fear...See this man,who happens to be my father? And that woman, with a look on her face that says, "Here we go again...", she's my mother.

And she's about to torment my father. He's afraid of birds. Terribly, deathly, thumb-sucking, mind boggling , rocking in the fetal position afraid...

So, she takes him straight to the duck pond.

Honey, look! It's just a wittle pwecious baby duckling...Isn't he cute?

Here come Mother and Father! How sweet! A duck family!

Now, Honey, don't be afraid. It's just the aunts and uncles and cousin who've come over to say "hi".

And then, she gets within inches of the wild-peck-your-eyes-out-at-any-moment duck family.
 It's these kinds of things that cause people to crack up. Or use crack.

Later, we all relaxed with a little bit of crack,  candy and recovered from the trauma.

She'll probably want to brush an alligator's teeth next time they visit.


Cheeseboy said...

Those ducks look a lot like geese. I hate geese. I've been attacked by two. (No lie.)

Beach House Living said...

Those do look like geese, and they can be most unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I'm sorry, but I love that your mother torments your father. It's great. But don't tell anybody I said that.

And this post makes me think of this song:

Kate said...

We can walk to a bayou, with trash and occasionally birds. So, I kind of live in an outer circle of paradise (or not). And damn, you've woken my sweet tooth, which needs to let up so I have a chance to keep my real teeth.