Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh, The Struggle Of It All


Yo, my little boy has grown
I wish I woulda known
He's gonna be so tall
It makes me wanna bawl.

Yo, he's smart and he's nice
His hair ain't got no lice
He ain't skinny like me
He's as big as a tree

I love him, yo

Yes, this weekend started with a graduation and ended with a parade. In between there were two graduation parties, dinner and a movie with girlfriends, a Georgia bulldog softball game, going to church with my girls, walking in the park, and cleaning a disgusting rental house, from which I am still scarred. I had fun, but I'm simply worn out from the "work" involved. The work I'm referring to? Why, serious picture taking of course.  No easy task when you're dealing with CERTAIN PEOPLE, whose names I will tell you if you ask me. No, really, I will. I want to. I insist.

The proud father and son.
 Exciting, and sentimental...I attempted to capture on camera the happy faces of those who know and love this boy.

 The struggle begins... this father/son  "photo" took no less than three attempts.

However, this photo, Granny and Kyle, took ONE try.
Sheer perfection.

And this photo.
Aunt Kay and cousin Stephen...easy. I took three photos, all of equal and excellent quality.

Later that same weekend...
The motley crew arrives for the Parade.
 I decided to document for posterity the love, the joy, the good times and happy faces.

The sun is in my eyes he whines as she snaps the photo anyway.

He lashes out.

I could just give up...Never!
Finally. With heads forcefully pressed together we have success.
Note to self: Mr. Wonderful needs to feel like a siamese twin to take a good picture. Knowing this could have saved me alot of time and effort this weekend.

More forceful head pressing...
Note to self: Don't ever do that again. Does not produce desired photo.

Guess who's taking the picture?


Hey, wait! Tell us when...


Lots of  'gritted teeth talking'  going on...Use your imagination...

                                                  Look at this adorable old fashioned firetruck.
                                                   It didn't give me any trouble.
                                                  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Cheeseboy said...

Congratulations to all. That building looks so familiar. I am wondering what college the graduation was held.

Lisa said...

I am usually behind the scenes pinching a wayward posing child in family joy and love photos. It's what I do. It's how I roll. I love yours! Congratulations to your boy!

Allyson & Jere said...

Cute post.

Congrats to the graduate. And congrats on occasional picture successes.

So, i totally e-mailed you back on your last comment to me. Tragically, said e-mail did not go through. I HATE when that happens, my cleverness lost to the cyber space forever.

Essentially I said...
You can TOTALLY be on my fridge next year, if you continue to leave me fun and funny comments. I mean, how could I deny you then? So yes reasonably, YES, i do take out of towners on the fridge of fame.

Anonymous said...

'Sup, mama of graduate! Holla! Oh, how the time flies! I am seeing new things everyday and thinking "oh, but... you can't... ACK! How did you get so big!!"
Love the rap, too.
Love the pics, btw. LOL love the head-smash ones. You're a wild lady... you don't headbang, you head-smash. You have such a gorgeous family. I hope you guys had an amazing Memorial Day.

Beach House Living said...

Thankfully, I'm usually the one taking the photos.