Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About Me, and Other Personal Details

First let me say, I've missed you. It's been what...4 whole days and nights without talking to you, my loyal readers and I've felt every second we've been apart.

Ohhhh, here it comes. The break out into song..."Papa can you hear me?"
From the soundtrack, Yentl. (Why didn't my mother name me an interesting name like Yentl? She actually told me I was named off of a soap opera character. Are you kidding me?)

Anywho, Seriously. I. have. missed. you.
Our daily chats are very important to me. You're an excellent listener. That's an important quality for any friendship and it's what makes ours so deep.
(Group Hug.)

So here's a quick rundown of what's going on in my life:

1. I bought the new diet stuff called SENSA. You sprinkle it on everything you eat and it's supposed to make you feel so wonderfully satisfied that you eat ALOT less. Yes it sounds too good to be true, Yes that's why I bought it. In about 6 months I'm supposed to see DRAMATIC results. I'll keep you posted. If you never hear me speak of it again, you'll know why. Chubbywubby gots nuttin' to report.

2. I am working as a real estate assistant. Yes, you read that right. ASSISTANT. Yes, I used to be an agent. It's not your imagination, I'm sliding down the rungs of the business ladder so fast it ain't even funny!
But I like the job and I'm thinking of wearing reading glasses with a little chain around my neck so that I can complete the  look. Sigh...

3. I'm planning on starting classes in October. It's my grand return to college AGAIN.

Let's talk tomorrow, shall we? I want to hear all about your life, what you've been thinking and what you're planning on cooking  for Christmas this year...


Pearl said...

Oh, I thought we'd go with the traditional meal again this year...


Four days gone and you're just gonna waltz in and I'm going to make you gravy again?!!

Welcome back. :-)


Kate said...

School? That's big!

Lisa said...

Assisting is good...less anxiety comes home with you. I'd like to be an assistant to myself some days. Doesn't hot chocolate with real creme sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon sound goooood? Thanks for letting me board your train of Christmas thought. :)

kay said...

Does this mean you are not working in the cafe any longer?