Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cutest Thing!

Mr. Wonderful NEVER reads this blog. That's fine by me because I can talk freely behind his back and he has no clue. For example, he has no idea I'm not cooking anymore...(Bring on the evil psycho laughter!)

Of course a man who eats cereal for supper and LIKES IT is bound to receive other proposals for marriage. I'm just surprised it happened so soon and at church of all places.

He's been helping in Children's Church, working with the first graders. Today at church, the moment he entered the room a little girl frantically started waving, reaching out her tiny arm toward him, wiggling all her fingers, saying, 'oh,oh,oh, SIT BY ME!!"  Mr. Wonderful complied and after he took his seat, she gently placed her hand on his, and proceeded to gaze lovingly up at him. "Are you already married?" she asked. "Yes" he replied. Immediately, her little shoulders slumped, and as she  gazed down dejectedly, she sighed. "Oh..."

I have a funny feeling this is the first in a long line of cereal loving females. She probably could smell the Cap'n Crunch on his breath. I can see my cooking sabbatical may not last. After all, it's a dog eat dog world out there,and I simply can't afford to lose my husband to a better offer.

He also took in a little bible and gave it to a little boy who proceeded to thump a little girl on the head with it. Talk about 'beating you over the head with the Word'...

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ethelmaepotter! said...

TWO cute stories in one!

I can just see that little girl's disappointment...and the look on another little girl's face as she's hit over the head with a Bible.

Mr. Wonderful certainly is. If you ever tire of him, send him my way. I have Cocoa Pebbles and Count Chocula!