Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Fairy Princess Grows Up

Yesterday I talked to my oldest daughter.

She's preparing to graduate from COLLEGE this December. For some reason I was thinking she was just finishing kindergarten... I have no idea how this happened. One minute she was a fairy princess and

 the very next minute she was saying, "Mother, puh-lease. I am soooo much more than a fairy princess."
I'm going to change the world.

So she went and got her own apartment, then  marched on Washington D.C. She even took a trip to Europe to enhance her education. It seemed like alot for a kindergartner to take on, but she assured me she could handle it.
My beautiful princess.
I never dreamed you'd be a college graduate AND a dog whisperer.
You really are so much more.
Well done.


Lisa said...

Oh. I am so sorry your kindergartner had to go and become a woman. I love the "so much more than a princess" part. Beautiful.

Beach House Living said...

What a lovely sweet post.

Texan said...

The photos of my first grandchild make remember how I cried with joy when she was born. She really was a fairy princess and now she is a beautiful young woman. How time flys by. I am proud of her.

Allyson & Jere said...

Such a sweet post, loved the pics and the sentiment. It is so disturbing how quickly we all, I mean THEY grow up. What? I feel like it was just yesterday I entered elementary school.

The Pendle's -- 3700 Mtn Cove Rd said...

brought a tear to my eye...can't believe our wittle Claire Bear is all grown up...:( This also means that I'm VERY OLD