Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blind leading the Blind

The time change has happened. As usual, the first moments are absolutely GLORIOUS! Leisurely waking up, glancing at the clock...ahhhhh,  it's only 7:30am...Fall Back has occurred!

And then reality sets in. Darkness. Deep, black, DARK darkness at 5 pm. Everyday. For months and months and months.

Good thing I'm a blogging, HGTV, cream cheese loving diva, for it is this, and this alone that will get me through!!

Hold me...


Alisha said...

Dude, I have a love/hate relationship with daylight savings. I LOVE the extra hour of sleep, but I HATE the fact I'll be driving home in the dark in the throes of deer season, which means "Look out, Bambi! Avoid the crazy lady in the van!"

ethelmaepotter! said...

It's that depressing time of the year - maybe that's why we keep pushing Christmas up earlier and earlier - to keep some glow in the world when darkness is dominating it.

Oh yeah, I'm with you on bloggng, HGTV, and cream cheese. Throw me in some classic tv and a cup of hot peach tea, and I'm all settled in for the winter!

Allyson & Jere said...

Hey, just wanted you to know I loved your comment on my blog today.

Only....don't say that you and I wouldn't do a bang up job of selling their clothes for them. We're hot. It's all the other chubbies that aren't. I KID!

But, the reason I write that stuff is exactly because too many big girls DO buy into Lane and their hideously wrong clothes. Therefore, I have to look at them and their chub squishing out of sleeveless, jeggings, bustiered tops, etc. So, I'll continue to wage my "silent" battle. hahaha

Thanks for commenting today.