Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mama, I cain't spell no more

Ya'll, I'm getting old...or stupider. Or worse.  BOTH.

I USED to be a whizbang speller. I USED to be the go-to spell queen of my family, my friends, okay, I'll say it-THE WORLD! It's hard when you lose your identity. I mean, who am I now?

Am I still Mother of all mothers? Am I still everybody's favorite friend? Am I still a Realtor? Frankly, who knows...Then there are the big questions, the deep probing thoughts of life.

Am I still Reasonably Chubby?
Okay, yeah, everythings fine. I did the ol' thigh check.  I"m still me.

I just noticed I misspelled I"m...

Sigh. Oh, well. At least Santa Clause is real, and that will never change.


Alisha Jaybird said...

I am going through this same thing!! I was at work noting accounts and all of a sudden I couldn't remember if it was "who's" or "whose" and I was just ready to go home. I blame children. They eat your brain. Worse than your brain on drugs, children eat your brain cells with their crazy TV picks or mainly, the fighting. So, picket with me "BLAME THE CHILDREN!!!! THEY'RE ONLY AT HOME FOR SO LONG!!"

Pearl said...

I'm gonna blame spellcheck...

And colloquialisms. :-)


Anonymous said...

I think it's due to our ever evaporating fat loss... that equates to brain loss... so we have to accept as we become thinner we become... light headed... BUT (no pun intended) we will look good and who cares if we can spell or talk.. we will look darn good and that after all is our goal! How are you doing this week? Have you had the opportunity to partake of some grueling physical activity other than lifting a fork repetatively? and even with less brain cells I know that is not weight lifting or the proper kind of weight lifting! miss you my friend. Tell "bones by ya" his son is a card! I have enjoyed him this week. He thinks I am the bomb because I have all the hook ups for free food.. need I say more? we have been to two parties and both he has attended with and of course there is scrumptious foods and such!He thinks I am awesome! at least one child in my house thinks so... and I will take what ever I can get!!!!