Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take My Picture Already, Would Ya?

Brooke and I went to tea today. The tearoom was lovely, and I wanted to memorialize this moment for all time. I pulled out my trusty, cheap piece of Kodak Easy Share and held it up...

Say Tea!...No good. Let's do it again.

Say, Tea!...Uh, Brooke apparently you have a lazy eye. Funny, I've never noticed it before... Again.

Say Tea! Did you know that you're crosseyed? Or high. Or drunk. Honey, it's only 10am.
Again...*I know, I'll catch her by suprise, then she'll for sure have that wide-eyed bambi look...Mama's are so smart.

SAY TEA!... Good Lord...

Let ME show you how to do it...See? It's easy. Now, OPEN YOUR EYES AND SAY TEA!

Awww. Such a pretty girl...
*through gritted teeth* I hate you mom.
I know honey, I know.

Just Kidding! We love each other so much and had so much fun! Tea was DELIGHTFUL!

Brooke, age 2
Awww...such a pretty girl!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Those adorable baby pics reminded me why we started calling her "Brookie". As soon as I saw them I said, 'awwww....look at wittle brookie....' :)

Did she find out anything about a job? Will the frolicking soon end, or will she stay? That's something to ponder...not just a job for you, but for your beautiful daughter. It may help if you take your eyes off of yourself every once in a while, ya know...:) jk

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ahhhh! What a pretty little mother and daughter team.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. And I thought you should know that when we say Frenchies here in the Maritimes, everyone knows where you've been -- slumming and thrifting. When we really want to impress people with what we've bought, we say "Chez Francois"!!

See Mom Smile said...

Ha! Love the grumpy baby pic. Left you something at my blog!

Beach House Living said...

Thank heaven for digital cameras you erase what you don't care for so quickly.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

OMG I would totally KILL you if you were my mom and posted all those pics of me looking drunk/high on your blog. If we ever meet, please don't bring your camera. SEriously though, tea looked like a blast. And your daughter is absolutely beautiful. For reals. (When she isn't wasted at a tea party and has her eyes open.) Loved the baby pics too.