Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garage Sales Are My Life?

My goodness I love going to garage sales. The thrill of the early morning hunt, not knowing exactly what you're going to find, but knowing that you are going to find something...
Outta my way people!! Lady with a baby comin' through!!
Amazing, the low down dirty tricks I'm willing to resort to. For other peoples junk.

And when I say cheap, I mean for almost nothing.
You want 50cents for that?? What, are you crazy? How 'bout a nickel?

Smile, wink, wink.

Or the $5.00 office chair, worth a $100.
How 'bout $3 bucks? No? Well then, you can just keep your stupid ol' office chair. (While I sit here this very moment with my back hurting because I should've paid the five. *sigh* Oh, well. Here comes this Saturday!)

Sometimes I'll splurge for no good reason and spend $2 dollars on something I absolutely do not need. Then I have to get rid of it, because I just do, and give it to Goodwill. Oh, I hate that. Especially when my mom comes to visit and wants to go to every Goodwill in town. And buy the stuff I gave it.

Sometimes I find amazing, beyond amazing, to infiniti and back stuff. Well that only happened once. When I was with my mom and we found a Tiffany lamp that she later sold for boo-koo bucks. Good thing she bought it, cause they wanted $15 whole dollars, what are you crazy? She's not as cheap as I am. And, she didn't even know it was a Tiffany at the time.

Anyway, I usually find little stuff that makes my heart sing. Like these salt shakers. $1
I needed new salt and pepper shakers, bad. I've already used them like 20 times since Saturday. They are awesome!

But this was my piece de la resistance...
A new wallet for 50cents. Adorable. This is the front.

And the back. I love, love, love it! I know, you're jealous aren't you? I would be too if I were you.


Courtney said...

Love the wallet! I'm going hunting tomorrow morning! Wish you could come with me- it's much more fun with friends. Unless of course, we see the same thing at the same time....then, look out, Sis! :)
Maybe we can go Sat. morning while you're here?

hope072774 said...

I love reading your posts! I like the wallet too!


See Mom Smile said...

I used to be an avid garage saler. The desire left for awhile but I can feel it coming on again. I love a good $.25 bartering!

reasonably chubby said...

Hope!!! Thankyou for commenting my darling friend. :) And Courtney and Linda, my loyal commentators. You two may have a job on network tv with all the practice you are getting. Thankyou! :)

Creative Style said...

You need to tell everyone about the garage sale that you and Kathy went to, "AND THEY WEREN'T HAVING A GARAGE SALE"... That was so funny!