Friday, April 30, 2010

Hilarious, The Way You Thought You Could Stop Me

From Tweeting, I mean. Yeah, I know. You never read any of my tweets that were on the sidebar of this blog and you think you could care less about what I'm up to on a minute by minute basis.

But I know better. I always do. How else will we ever become BFF'S?

And so I give you...My living room. I just dusted it. That's why it's on here. I figured you'd want to know.

And then I went to Goodwill and purchased these two lovelies...

And then...this happened. Remember how I refused to pay the $5.00 for the office chair two Saturdays ago? This bad boy cost me $15. I've learned my lesson, and it's so worth it. My back is now singing the Hallelujah chorus.

At that very same garage sale, I talked the lady into taking $20 for this picture, instead of $25...Amazing how ugly it looked in her house and how terrific it looks in mine. :)

And this little beauty...$5. We needed a grill and what could be better than a rusted piece of junk to cook some ka-bobs? This could've been a mistake...thank goodness for Goodwill. They get all my mistakes.

I just finished reading this. Purchased from Goodwill about a week ago, I enjoyed it tremendously. Did you just yawn? Best friends don't yawn when other best friends are sharing. I can tell you have alot to learn...from me. Together we can grow. And you can change. I recommend it especially if you like good stories about love and loss and friendship. If you don't then something's obviously wrong with you, but don't worry our friendship can be salvaged. Do you like candy?

Whew! I've just realized all that I've accomplished today and frankly, I'm impressed. I'm so happy we're gonna be Best Friends Forever...
I'll call you after my nap.


chandelier magic said...

Hi -
So nice to meet you - Great post, I love the picture of the house on the water - I have it too and I want to live in it. I pretend that I do!

Great blog -

reasonably chubby said...

You have the same picture? What excellent taste you have! :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Chandelier Magic...I love that name. Maybe I can get one of my daughters to name their firstborn child that. Hmmmm....

Anne Reed - Made & Found said...

Friday night knitting club is such a great book.I love it and i also sing the hallelujah chorus in my head when something small but brilliant your blog and sense of humour sending you lots of love from N.Yorkshire UK
Anne x

reasonably chubby said...

Hey there Anne! Thanks for reading from all the way across the pond. :)Anybody who sings the "hallelujah chorus" is a friend of mine. I think your blog was one of the first I ever stumbled on and was brave enough to leave a comment. Hey everybody...check out Anne's blog, it's listed on my blog list!