Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remember This?

Mr. Wonderful diligently hand painting our little cottage-by-the-bay?

No? That'll teach you. Don't you ever,ever, EVER miss a post of mine again, do you hear me? Don't make me pull this car over...

Or this? Me sneaking into the kitchen for a 'candy fix'? When he thought I was out back rototilling, or sorting out the recycling bins...this man's a dreamer I tell ya.

Well, thanks to all his hard work and patience and diligence and me sitting and watching for moral support...TaDa!!! We Now Have This!
Precious Little Cottage instead of Hideous Ugly Eyesore

I hope to someday in the very near future, tomorrow? 30 minutes from now? add these in front of the house as well.

And I still like these. Oh, yes I do. Confucius say: Watching house painting and candy-they good for soul.


The Pendle's -- 3700 Mtn Cove Rd said...

Looks adorable! Must be nice to live in a little cottage "down by the bay"...:)

kay said...

I love the color or your little cottage. Could you ask Barry if he will come and paint my upstairs bathroom. I know he loves to paint so why not? It's just a tiny bathroom.

See Mom Smile said...

Love the cand wrapper pile. I used to try to hide the evidence but I don't even bother anymore. The cottage is sooooo cute! Is he for hire?

Anonymous said...

I love the new color daaling of the cottage by the bay of course. If you would like, I could help with the flowers. That is my cup of tea you know flowers that is. And, would enjoy a cup of tea after working so feverishly in the yard.

reasonably chubby said...

Tracy Dahling, I had no idea that you liked working with flowers! Get your hiney over here dearest! And then yes, after you've sweated and planted more than your fair share, causing you to almost cuss from sheer exhaustion, I'll be happy to put on a lovely pot of tea just for the two of us. :)