Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Almost Slipped Over The Edge...Again

Thank goodness it's finally Spring. I was this close to slipping into Fatty-Potatty world. Out of the land of Reasonably Chubby into the nightmare of why is my chair still attached to my bottom when I walk across the room?

And the crazy thing is it happens every winter. Since the time I was born. Every winter I'm holed up like a little gopher eating pie until the time change occurs. By the time I open my door and let the sunshine in my pupil's expand so quickly I'm almost blinded. My mother will vouch for this. "Yep, she was always a tan little RC every summer, but when winter hit, she just puffed right up and cried for pie."

It's the same song and dance. From the dawn of the ages until exactly one minute ago...when I realized it's time to put the stretchy pants away and buy a bathing suit. (*cue-music from psycho).

I've got to go pray now.


The Weathered Bungalow said...

Oh my gosh!! You are hilarious! I feel the same way right now...I'm translucent!!

reasonably chubby said...

Hey there! hahahaha! If thin people such as yourself look better tan, then believe me when I say for us chubbies it's a MUST! :)

Hey all you chubbies out there-are you listening to me?

The Weathered Bungalow said...

hahahahahah...thats sooo true! Oh and the pictures only show my face for a reason! Tan Chubby is better than white chubby...thats my moto!

P.S...I use this great tanner. Its Loreal aerosel spray...its amazing!