Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good News!

I have good news. I will not under any circumstance be changing the name of this blog. Unless you pay me like, at least a hundred bucks, or offer to take me out to dinner. Then, I might.  I'm cheap and flighty as you well know.

This decision came after careful thought  and napping and my youngest daughter saying, "what, are you stupid?
And that's what woke me up. Literally, her voice in my ear, saying, 'mom! mom! take me shopping... She reminded me that being "reasonably" chubby was perfectly acceptable. Desirable even, at my age. (Thoughtful of her to point out. Even though she did kind of say it in a mean way.  "Who wants some stringy-armed old woman to give you a hug? I like soft."  Her words, not mine. I quicky reminded her, "I'm only 44, not 104. You realize me and Cindy Crawford are the same age?  I can still bear children."  She just stared at me...)
 She reminded me that a "reasonably" chubby lap was always the favorite spot everyone wanted to be on a cold winter's night. (She does love to cuddle. She'd probably like it if I'd feed her a bottle but I refuse. I have my limits.)

Anyway, I know you're absolutely THRILLED  my blog will remain as is. That's why I like you. Small, insignificant things thrill you.  Me too. I can't even begin to share how happy I was with my newest nail polish/file kit picked up for 5 measly cents today at a garage sale.

P.S. I'm on a 'healthy eating for 40 days kick'.  So far, so good. 1 1/2 days down, 38 1/2 days to go... If I keep this up I'll probably be able to speak perfect chinese by breakfast.


Allyson & Jere said...

Hilarious! Wait, do I start every comment that way? Fine, i'll work on being more original. But, BUT, this really did crack me up immensely. So glad you'll be staying reasonably chubby, even if it's in name only.

Good luck on the 40 days of good eating. Does this include the no sugar? Are you back on my train? I'm DYING right now, but I promise that it has only been for a few days.

Oh, and wierd when you say things like "me and Cindy Crawford" are the same age. It puts things into perspective no? Stupid celebrities, always looking so hot. Whatever.

Beach House Living said...

Hilarious indeed! The truth is your blog name is unique and I too am glad your keeping it even if it is in name only.

Anonymous said...

Name only?'ve convinced me that being "reasonably chubby" is the way to stay if you want your children to cuddle you until you're really 45...
Forget trying to eat healthy- go eat some "better than sex cake!" :)
And then go and read the Weigh Down book again... it truly is the only way to be Cindy Crawford. Quantity- not quality. Listen to I'm the poster child...I wish! But you can do it! Go,girl!

Lisa said...

Small and insignificant things really DO thrill me...but so do reasonably chubby things. Love you!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I'm glad you're keeping your name. I've always thought that "Reasonably Chubby" was a name which spoke of encouragement and acceptance. It says to me that it's okay to not be a rail thin stick-insect. It says to me "Go ahead! Have that second piece of cheesecake just today!" It says to me "I'm happy with myself because I'm a hot, full-figured woman with just enough soft!" Then I'm able to say: "I'm not overweight! I'm reasonably chubby -- and probably 75% of North American women are just like me!" (notice I did not take your capital letters! Please don't stop preaching the message, sister!