Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trust Me, She Deserves A Post...

See the woman below? Rudolph's twin sister?
The one known as Aunt Kay. (Or she'll step on your foot and crush your toes and snatch your twenty dollar gift card back until you do call her Aunt Kay...and say it with a smile, you little brat)

Yeah, HER. Well, I want to tell you something.

She was part of the package. The package that came with Mr. Wonderful I mean. She's his little sister, and I couldn't be luckier! First of all, I'm sure you can tell from her reindeer horns ALONE that she's fun! Throw in the shiny red nose, and what can I say? You gotta love this woman! 

And she's sweet. She loves her daddy and her mama, her children, her friends and her husband with everything she's got. She gives it her all...and it shows. She loves dogs, and cries easily and laughs loud.  She loves Jesus, and sings like an angel too. She opens her heart and her arms to the ones God places in her path.  So, I just wanted to say thanks Kay. Thanks for making me feel so welcome, but most importantly thanks for being you. 
And just because, I wanted to throw in this picture. Obviously Mr. Wonderful  loves his mama!  His eyes are glazed over with the look of adoration.
Or, maybe he had a few too many rum balls...

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Kay said...

Yes, I cry easily and this post made me cry. Lisa, you have brought so much laughter and zaniness to our already crazy family. I am so thankful for you and thankful you love Mr. Wonderful the way you do.